Some ways

you can help


Volunteer your time

You can volunteer for us in many ways. Except from fostering you can help us find suitable homes for our cats by making visit home checks if you live close to the area of the potential adopter or you can find flight escorts or become yourself an escort to and from the airport to the forever home of our cats.

We're looking for people who can:

Home Inspector for adopting a pet

Provide home visit checks to ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements to adopt a cat.

Pet Escort

Search for flight escorts or if you own a car you can help transporting cats to and from the airport.

Write creative content for our blog and share to social channels.

We always need help to organise and plan fundraising events and gather pet supplies for our animals.

If you have these skills we'd love to meet you!

become a volunteer

Foster an animal

You do not have to be an animal expert to foster with us. Fostering is the primary way that Greek cats is able to rescue so many cats and kittens annually, because of our foster volunteers. Our animals come to us mostly from the street. Our foster volunteers take these cats in their home, get them healthy, clean them up and shower them with love until a forever home is found. They also provide the food, litter and other basic supplies associated with cat care. All you need is a safe home, a willingness to learn and a love of animals. We will help you with the rest and match you with a foster cat(s) based on your requests and experience!

Being a foster carer gives rescue animals a chance to live in a loving home where the can recover from trauma, work to overcome fears and fully express their personality in a safe space. Being a carer is the best decision I've ever made.
Laura Jameson

The Process:


Contact us to apply for the Foster Care program


Attend an information session and complete your application form


Have your property inspected for suitability


Become a foster carer and make a difference to animals in need


Donate or Sponsor

Your donation will help us provide food, shelter, care, veterinary treatment and allow us to carry on our work to ensure a bright future for all the cats and kittens in our care, no matter how small or big it is.

Another way is to sponsor our special needs cats or kittens which have less chances to be adopted and may spend the rest of their lives here. So when you sponsor, you help Greek cats cover the cost of their daily care as well as their medical treatments. By doing so, you will receive a beautiful photo and biography of your sponsored cat. You will also get updates so you know how he or she doing. Each sponsorship package is 25€ per month for a year or one time donation of 300€. If you wish you may purchase more than one package to sponsor multiple cats in a year. Make sure you mention us the name of the cat(s) you wish to sponsor or if you would like we can choose one for you!